Over 80 percent of consumers have had at least one encounter with a technical glitch (such as failed payment processing or non-functional Wi-Fi) as they shopped or dined; nearly 60 percent of consumers have encountered these technical glitches multiple times.

According to a Boomtown report, consumers who frequent large chain establishments over smaller businesses name technology as one of the key aspects of their in-store experience, highlighting a range of digital payment options (critical to 57 percent of consumers), online ordering & local pick up capabilities (important to 50 percent), self check-out options (important to 49 percent), and other digital offerings like in-store Wi-Fi and real-time order information.

Among the participants in 2018 survey, negative experiences due to malfunctioning technology resulted in a decline in brand confidence and less frequent visits to the business for more than a quarter of consumers (28 percent).

Nearly half of consumers in a 2018 survey said that positive experiences due to well-functioning technology lead them to greater brand confidence (46 percent) and more frequent visits to the business (44 percent).

A survey of more than 2,000 shoppers suggests the majority of U.S. consumers prefer to shop for gifts online (54%) compared to in-store (6%) or a mix of both (40%).