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Here is a collection of some of the interesting statistics and facts I’ve found on various topics and industries. This page hosts the latest statistics in all subjects, but you can use the topic pages from the menu to see statistics for a specific topic.

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Nearly half of consumers in a 2018 survey said that positive experiences due to well-functioning technology lead them to greater brand confidence (46 percent) and more frequent visits to the business (44 percent).

A survey of more than 1,200 business travelers found 75 percent of young professionals in the U.S. see business travel as a major work perk, with 65 percent considering it a status symbol.

According to the 1Q18 Global Talent Monitor report, almost 46 percent of U.S. employees have a high intent to stay in their current positions, well above the international average of 32.4 percent.

Consumers who plan to do last minute holiday shopping are 78% more likely to purchase gifts from companies that offer same-day delivery compared to those who don’t.

A survey of more than 2,000 shoppers suggests the majority of U.S. consumers prefer to shop for gifts online (54%) compared to in-store (6%) or a mix of both (40%).

Millennials are 118% more likely to have paid extra for same-day delivery on a gift and 48% more likely to purchase gifts from a retailer that offers same-day delivery during the holidays compared to non-Millennials.

77% of consumers plan to do last minute shopping during the 2018 holiday season – a 15% increase compared to last year.

Among consumers who consume both physical and digital video content, 86 percent continued to purchase physical video discs in 2017.

More than half (51 percent) of consumers who are active in buying or renting video content consume at least some digital content, which is a 7 percentage points increase from the previous year.

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