3 in 4 Workers Say They Are Overstressed at Work – CareerCast

Modern technology that allows people to accomplish more in less time can be a blessing and a curse. Employees can handle more assignments, but this also increases the amount of stress on the average worker. A new survey from CareerCast found that most workers feel they are overstressed at work.

In a survey of American workers, three out of four respondents (78 percent) rated their job stress at seven or higher on a 10-point scale. This result marks a significant increase from when CareerCast conducted a similar survey in 2017 when 69 percent of respondents scored their job stress at seven or higher.

The things that stress out employees differ based on the industry, but some stress factors are universal. Among the CareerCast respondents, the most commonly cited stress factor was meeting deadlines, a factor that was mentioned by a more than a third of respondents (38 percent).

Though a distant second to deadlines, growth potential and public interactions were tied for the second most cited stressor with 14 percent of respondents mention these issues. As the survey authors note, handling these stress issues in the workplace can help keep your best employees

“Stress in the workplace might prompt job seekers to consider a career change. We have identified jobs such as Medical Records Technician, Operations Research Analyst and Massage Therapist, which might be a good fit for those seeking a less stressful position,” says Kyle Kensing, the Online Content Editor for CareerCast. “However, people who thrive on the pressures inherent to high-stress jobs and are willing to put themselves in immediate danger might choose a stressful job like firefighter or police officer. While no job is stress-free, choosing a profession based on its stress level is purely a personal choice.”

According to CareerCast’s survey, the most stressful jobs were being Enlisted Military Personnel (E3, four years experience), Firefighter, Airline Pilot, Police Officer, and Broadcaster. In contrast, the least stressful jobs were Diagnostic Medical, Compliance Officer, Hair Stylist, Audiologist, and a University Professor. What’s interesting, is that except for hair stylist and airline pilot, the least stressful jobs paid more than most stressful one.

For more recent studies about human resources, check out this article on the effects of worker fatigue on employee safety.

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