16 Interesting Consumer Behavior Statistics from Last Week – 4/29/18 Edition

Now that you’re done watching the latest Avengers movie, it’s time to come back to reality with some fun factoids. There were some great studies and surveys released in the last week. In the latest edition of interesting statistics, we’ll cover social security planning, business travel and remote work.   

  1. A survey of more than 1,000 adults over 50 found that over half (55 percent) say Social Security will be their main source of retirement income, followed far behind by just 18 percent of older adults relying on their pension. (Source: Nationwide)
  2. In a survey conducted by Harris Poll, eight out of nine (88 percent) older adults don’t know what factors determine the maximum Social Security benefit an individual can receive. (Source: Nationwide)
  3. A survey of more than 1,500 U.S. adults revealed that only 1 in 4 U.S. adults (25 percent) believe most high school students are prepared for success in college. (Source: Gallup)
  4. When asked which programs would be the most helpful in improving preparedness for the workplace, the next most commonly mentioned program were employment skills training and life-skill training at 42 and 38 percent respectively. (Source: Gallup)
  5. A recent Hyatt Place and Hyatt House Business Traveler Survey found 77 percent of U.S. business travelers believe business travel has helped them to communicate more successfully with different types of people. (Source: Hyatt)
  6. Two out of three (68 percent) of U.S. business travelers in a recent surveyed said business travel has inclined them to be more empathetic towards others. (Source: Hyatt)
  7. Nine in 10 (92 percent) employed U.S. business travelers are motivated to advance their career. And of these motivated travelers, more are driven by creating a better life for their families (48 percent) than receiving praise or recognition at work (33 percent). (Source: Hyatt)
  8. Nearly one in three (32 percent) of pet owners in the US said they had more in common with their pets; compared to one in four (26 percent) in the UK. (Source: Aquarium Software)
  9. Two-thirds (66 percent) of pet owners in the U.S. stated they instinctively knows what mood their pets are in compared to 57 percent in the UK. (Source: Aquarium Software)
  10. According to a recent report from the CDC, one in 59 children had a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by age 8 in 2014, a 15 percent increase over 2012, when the estimate was 1 in 68. (Source: Autism Speaks)
  11. In a recent webinar benchmark report, the use of video for business webinars in 2017 increased 4 percent, and is now featured in nearly one-fourth of all webinars (22 percent). (Source: ON24)
  12. The best time to host a webinar was on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, with these days combined for 79 percent of all webinar attendees. The best time of day to maximize attendees was 11 am PST / 2 pm EST. (Source: ON24)
  13. Although four out of five (82 percent) of U.S. workers surveyed say the ability to work from anywhere at any time allows them to maintain a healthy work-life balance, more than half (62%) still prefer to work in the office. (Source: Randstad)
  14. Two out of three (66 percent) of workers say they like the option of occasionally working from home or another location, but aren’t able to do so. (Source: Randstad)
  15. Four in five (80 percent) workers in a recent survey said they like agile work (defined in the study as the ability to work from anywhere, anytime) because it increases their productivity, creativity and job satisfaction. (Source: Randstad)
  16. More than thee in five of all respondents of a Randstad survey (61%) said they don’t believe remote work options interfere with their personal lives, or their ability to disconnect from work. (Source: Randstad)

That’s all for this edition of interesting statistics. Be sure to check the other articles in the Interesting Statistics series for more facts from fun studies and surveys.

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