15 Interesting Consumer Behavior Statistics from Last Week – 4/22/18

There were a lot of interesting surveys and studies in the past week, so… it’s statistics time! This week’s edition contains interesting consumer behavior statistics on the how consumers use coupons, the effectiveness of airport advertising, content marketing and more.

  1. The recent 2k18 Coupon Intelligence Report from Valassis found that nearly everyone, 94 percent of consumers surveyed, uses coupons. (Source: Valassis)
  2. Nearly seven out of 10 (69 percent) millennials with children research product ratings and reviews before making a purchase, compared to just under half (43 percent) for all other consumers. (Source: Valassis)
  3. Growing responsibilities and the ease of coupon apps have made millennials more likely to use coupons in the past. A recent study found that 50 percent of millennials say they always or very often use coupons, a significant increase from 41 percent in 2016.  (Source: Valassis)
  4. Two out of three consumers in a 2018 survey (66 percent) said they use a combination of paper and paperless coupons, but app use is on the rise. (Source: Valassis)
  5. The majority (56 percent) of major grocery/drug/mass merchants are using store apps and just under half (46 percent) are using cash back/points apps. (Source: Valassis)
  6. A study by Nielsen reported that frequent flyers are highly responsive to airport advertising, with four out of five (80 percent) noticing the media and 42 percent taking action that includes visiting a website, going to a store or learning more about a product/brand/service. (Source: Clear Channel Airports)
  7. Nearly one in five (19 percent) frequent flyers actually bought a product they saw advertised at the airport. (Source: Clear Channel Airports)
  8. Whether they bought an item or not, airport campaigns increased foot traffic to retailers. Nielsen reports that 84 percent of frequent fliers likely to visit a restaurant, 50 percent likely to visit a clothing/accessories/jewelry store and 41 percent likely to visit a consumer electronics store they saw in airport ads. (Source: Clear Channel Airports)
  9. Airport campaigns were also shown to improve brand awareness, with 90 percent of frequent flyers are likely to dine/shop/visit brick and mortar locations after learning about them at the airport. More than a third (36 percent) are interested in signing up for or learning more about e-commerce services while at the airport.  (Source: Clear Channel Airports)
  10. A survey of more than 500 businesses found that more than half (51%) of businesses publish content daily for marketing purposes.  (Source: The Manifest)
  11. Data showing the types of content businesses publish as part of their content marketing strategies (PRNewsfoto/The Manifest)

    The most popular forms of content marketing for businesses are videos (72 percent), blog posts (69 percent), and research and original data (60 percent). (Source: The Manifest)

  12. More than half (53%) of businesses invest in content marketing and when asked what improvement they would like to make to their content, most businesses said they would create more original content (22%) and include more visual components (22%). (Source: The Manifest)
  13. A survey of more than 1,600 people in the U.S. and Canada found that in the U.S., 73 percent of cannabis consumers exercise at least once a week compared to 70 percent of the American general population. (Source: Civilized Worldwide Inc.)
  14. Three in four (75 percent) Canadian cannabis consumers exercise at least once a week compared to 69 percent of the Canadian general population. (Source: Civilized Worldwide Inc.)
  15. One-third of both Americans and Canadians say they support medical legalization, with a further one-half of Americans (50 percent) and Canadians (45 percent) saying they would approve of legalizing both medical and recreational use. (Source: Civilized Worldwide Inc.)

I hope you had fun and learned something in this week’s edition of interesting statistics. Though to be fair, the cannabis culture results may just mean that marijuana smokers are slightly more likely to lie about how much they exercise than non smokers. Both figure seem a little high. As always, remember to take these studies with a grain of salt an to look at the original data when possible to learn more.

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