12 Recent Statistics About Holiday Shoppers, Cyber Security and More

Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since the last compilation of interesting statistics. I couldn’t find a unifying theme for statistics this time, so these are just things from reports I found interesting. In this edition, there are holiday shopper statistics as well as data on renters, cyber security and other topics.

  1. Nearly nine out of 10 (87 percent) of people in the U.S. still intend to shop at retail stores this holiday season. (Natural Insight)
  2. By early December, 93 percent of women will have completed the majority of their in-store holiday shopping, versus only 83 percent of men. (Natural Insight)
  3. In a survey of more than 800 U.S. adults, 58 percent listed “large crowds” as top reason why in-store shopping is stressful. (Natural Insight)
  4. According to an analysis by RetailMeNot, a holiday traveler can find a discount, on average, of 33 percent off during the month of October. (RetailMeNot)
  5. In a recent survey by HotPads®, a Zillow company, one in four (26 percent) of renters cited their monthly rental payment as their biggest regret after moving in, followed by remorse over their apartments’ noise level (26 percent), and safety of the unit and neighborhood (21 percent). (Hotpads, Inc.)
  6. A recent cyber security survey found that 59 percent of people say laptops are the most vulnerable devices, followed by smartphones (25 percent) and smart devices (9 percent). (Report Linker)
  7. According to ReportLinker, 54 percent of Americans say they feel their data is safe from hackers and 78 percent of people admit using encryption or privacy tools on their connected devices. (Report Linker)
  8. A survey of IT professionals at the 2017 NY Tech Summit revealed that nearly half (49 percent) felt their top concern was security and that one in four (26 percent) of those surveyed indicated they spend up to half of their organization’s budget on security-related products and services. (NY Tech Summit)
  9. In a sign of the growing importance of cloud computing, 77 percent of IT professionals at a recent summit reported that up to one quarter of their infrastructure is based in the cloud with email and Office 365 being the top two applications being utilized. (NY Tech Summit)
  10. An analysis by Paychex found that as of September 2017, full-time Millennials make $21.80/hour, $5.78/hour less than the national average, but, as they move up in their roles, their annual wage growth rate is nearly double the national rate (5.8 percent compared to 3.0 percent). (Paychex)
  11. In a survey of more than 2,000 consumers, 63 percent of respondents felt that delays and lack of real-time experiences negatively impacts their relationship with a brand. (VoltDB)
  12. According to a new report, nearly half of the people surveyed (46 percent) reported that they check in with work occasionally during vacation; more than a quarter said they log on frequently (27 percent) while an equal amount said they took steps to entirely unplug (27 percent). (Project: Time Off)

As Christmas gets closer, there will undoubtedly be more research released on the best tactics business owners and marketers can use to reach audiences. So keep an eye out for an interesting statistics devoted to that topic.

Remember to check the older editions of Interesting Statistics for more cool factoids on a wide range of subjects. There are some holiday shoppers statistics mixed into those earlier editions.

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