11 Interesting Travel and Vacation Statistics about U.S. Consumers

Every year, millions of Americans travel across the country and around the globe to go on vacations, visit relatives and take selfies. Understanding the behavior and attitudes of consumers is important for people in the travel industry and small businesses as well. Travelers spend billions of dollars in the locations they visit, so it’s worth it for small business owners to take note of statistics about travelers and vacation. Here are 11 interesting travel and vacation statistics from studies released during the past few months.

  1. Among those who haven’t already booked their holiday travel, the most common expected completion date is sometime in September, according to Bankrate.com (PRNewsfoto/Bankrate.com)

    According to a survey conducted in August, eight million U.S. adults have already made hotel reservations for the November/December holiday season in 2017 and six million have purchased holiday airline tickets. (Bankrate.com)

  2. When planning a vacation, the most popular way to book a flight is through an airline’s website (43 percent), followed by a travel comparison website such as Expedia (32 percent). The order is reversed for lodging, with 34 percent preferring a comparison site and 31 percent opting for the specific property’s website. (Bankrate.com)
  3. In a survey of U.S. consumers, the majority (53 percent) of respondents said they feel pressure to book unique or exotic vacations, and 40 percent feel pressure to take more adventurous vacations. (Travelzoo)
  4. Nearly half (47 percent) of the consumers surveyed by Travelzoo agree that social media is driving up the need to experience more on vacation. (Travelzoo)
  5. The desire for adventure is affecting bookings. Nearly a third (30 percent) of travelers are booking trips based on whether they think the destination or activity will serve up visually compelling social media content. (Travelzoo)
  6. Younger travelers were most likely to say that they felt they had wasted time on vacation, with 24 percent of millennials and 29 percent of Generation Xers saying they didn’t experience enough at their vacation destination because they didn’t have an adventurous experience. (Travelzoo)
  7. Despite the emphasis on adventure, the Travelzoo study found that the top goals of most travelers are still relaxing (56 percent) and enjoying great food (44 percent). (Travelzoo)
  8. Solo travel is most appealing to millennials: 58% would do it, including 26% who already have. (PRNewsfoto/TheCashlorette.com)

    In a survey more than 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, almost half 47% of American adults said they would go on vacation alone (28% have already done so and 19% would be open to it someday). (TheCashlorette.com)

  9. According to a recent survey, solo travel is most appealing to millennials: 58% would do it, including 26% who already have. (TheCashlorette.com)
  10. American consumers familiarity and likeliness to use sharing services like Uber, Lyft and AirBnB have increased dramatically in two years. Familiarity has risen from 47 percent to 78 percent and the percentage of people who are likely to use sharing services has increased from 17 percent in 2015 to 50 percent in 2017. (Allianz Global Assistance USA)
  11. While sharing services have made gains, there is room for improvement on trust issues. According to a recent survey, fewer than two in ten (17 percent) Americans are willing to say they are “very trusting” of services, leaving the majority (83 percent) at least somewhat skeptical (48 percent somewhat trustworthy/ 13 percent not very trustworthy/ 5 percent not at all trustworthy/17 percent not sure). (Allianz Global Assistance USA)

I hope you enjoyed this more-focused version of the interesting statistics article for the week. I felt it might be more helpful to readers if each article was about a subject, like travel and vacation statistics. Though I may keep doing the random ones on weeks where I can’t find enough data on one topic.

Be sure to check the other articles in the interesting statistics series. They may be a bit more random than this article, but you will find some fun and interesting information.

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