12 Interesting, Fun Facts and Statistics About Teeth for 2017

fun-teeth-factsTeeth may seem like a boring topic for fun facts, but there are a lot of interesting statistics about oral health and the way people take care of their teeth. It’s also a fairly popular topic online. In my regular job as a freelance marketing specialist, I’ve had to look up fun facts about teeth on multiple occasions. Trouble is, many of these sites have the same list of ten or so facts that have been floating around the internet for years. So I’ve done some digging to find new statistics about teeth and oral health that dentists can use in their marketing content. Here are 12 interesting, fun facts and statistics about teeth for 2017 you may not have seen before.

Several of these statistics come from a study by Delta Dental Plans Association. Granted, not an unbiased source, but most research of this nature is done by an industry group and has to be taken with a grain of salt. Here’s a link to one of the data sets on their Google Drive. The links at the end of the stat will go to the press releases.

  1. According to a 2017 study, 71 percent of Americans over the age of 18 (74 percent of women and 68 percent of men) say good oral health is one of the sexiest qualities someone can have.(Delta Dental)
  2. In the same survey of 1,000 U.S. adults, 68 percent said they won’t kiss someone with poor oral health. (Delta Dental)
  3. 73 percent of Americans say they’re more attracted to someone who smiles often. (Delta Dental)
  4. Believe it or not, according to the American Oral Health Survey, one in four adults said they would break up with someone who doesn’t brush at least twice a day. [IMHO, this is a bit extreme because getting someone to brush their teeth more often is simple compared to the other changes people try to force to make a relationship work, like giving up smoking or alcohol]. (Delta Dental)
  5. According to research cited by the American Dental Association, drinking water with fluoride (which the ADA has dubbed “nature’s cavity fighter”) has been shown to reduce cavities by 25 percent. (ADA)
  6. A study published by the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reported that children with sealants applied to their teeth are up to 80 percent less prone to cavities compared to those without them. (ADA/AAPD)
  7. Oral health plays a big role in how people view the quality of their life. According to a 2017 survey, adults who say they’re committed to oral care are nearly three times as likely as those who aren’t (25 percent compared 9 percent) to give their overall well-being an “excellent” rating. (Delta Dental)
  8. Similar to the statistic above, Americans who give their oral health an “A” grade are far more likely to rate their overall well-being as excellent, as opposed to those who give their oral health a lower grade (46 percent vs. 9 percent). (Delta Dental)
  9. In an international survey conducted in 2017, researchers found that 77 percent of people know they need to visit their dentist at least once a year, but only 52 percent of people do so. (World Oral Health Day)
  10. According to the 2017 edition of the Original Tooth Fairy Poll, the Tooth Fairy visits 85 percent of the nation’s households with children; and in 89 percent of those homes, leaves money. (Delta Dental)
  11. Tooth fairies also seem to be making more money than ever, the Tooth Fairy’s cash payouts have jumped to an all-time high over the past year (parents in 2017 gave answers based on their spending in 2016), up to an average of $4.66 compared to $3.91 in 2015. (Delta Dental)
  12. According to parents in a nationwide survey in 2017, nearly 30 percent say summer vacation is the most difficult time to get their children to keep up good oral health. (Delta Dental)

And there you go, 12 interesting fun facts and statistics that dentists and marketers can use for presentation, social media posts, and the like. Remember to encourage your audience to brush twice and floss daily or all the fun facts in the world won’t do them any good.

If you’re in the mood for some random facts from recent surveys, check out last week’s article with a roundup of interesting new statistics and facts.

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